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Casio Watches Battery

casio watches battery

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Casio WaveCeptor Spirit level

Casio WaveCeptor Spirit level

This was my 1st Casio radio controlled watch.
The battery died, I sent it off to Casio to get a full professional battery fitted.
After my 1st swim it filled up totally with water and had to be sent back to Casio.
They apologized and sent me a brand new upgraded replacement.............the watch that was subsequently crushed by a bus (as per the previous photograph).

Casio F-91W Out of Casing

Casio F-91W Out of Casing

Out of the case: The important parts are all a self-contained module. Probably a Casio 'new battery' service (if they do one) is to replace the whole module.

casio watches battery

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Men fashion watch : Top ten wrist watches

Men Fashion Watch

men fashion watch

    fashion watch
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The MEN in overcrowded Soho

The MEN in overcrowded Soho

Hey guys its Cinema City thuesday...

My 2nd post for my Cinema City set.
Fashion Guy in overcrowded Spring Street.

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this is my colleague's watch.. he asked me to take a photo of it after he saw my photo on flickr :)

men fashion watch

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