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Watch Tv Shows Online Now

watch tv shows online now

    tv shows
  • The Cadillac organization was featured on NBC's "Today" show on 12 December 1975.

  • (tv show) television program: a program broadcast by television

  • (TV Show (album)) TV Show is the second studio solo album by Russian singer Sergey Lazarev. The album was released in Russia in May 10, 2007 and features 12 English tracks, one Russian re-recording and 3 remixes which serve as bonus tracks for the album.

  • on-line: connected to a computer network or accessible by computer; "an on-line database"

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166/365 ~ "Drop the pin. Throw the grenade!"

166/365 ~ "Drop the pin. Throw the grenade!"

OK... so I rambled a bit in my tags over there --->

I got this at Big Lots yesterday. I went to get energy drinks... coz the weekend is going to warrant them... I got this, coz my roomie for the summer had some of the yellow Bomba she got in Mexico on a mission trip a couple years back. I got this, although it's a different flavor, and ended up drinking this one today. I have another one that is probably going to be drank on Saturday when the incoming freshmen arrive. It's an intriguing little bottle, isn't it?

Today was not all too exciting. I just watched a couple of tv shows online... One of those was MacGyver. I watched the pilot episode on CBS's website. I'll probably watch some more episodes tomorrow. Maybe. I worked this evening. That's about all....

Peep Project

Peep Project

This is probably the only way I enjoy watching tv now. It is my laptop projected on my wall with windows seven extended desktop option. I love watching tv online this way. Its also amazing help with graphics design and truly justifies flickr and photo qualities.
Its such a shame I don't get it home so often though.

watch tv shows online now

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